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Alpine Renault A110 1600 - 45'500 km
05-1969 Blue / Black Tissue

Splendid Condition, Restored

Splendid and agile Alpine A110 1600, fully restored by a specialist from 2008 to 2009 and scarely driven since, wonderful condition, model produced from 1969 to 1970 and equipped with the 1969 version 4 Cylinders of 92 HP for only 730 KG, sold brand new in France, expertised as Veteran Vehicle, Oldtimer with strong capital sympathy and perfect for historic events.

Lamborghini 350 GT 90'900 km
01-1965 Metallic Black / Tan Leather

Swiss Delivery, Restored, Only 120 Cars

Splendid and mythical 350 GT, the first creation of Lamborghini, technicaly very advanced on its opponents from the period, full Alloy Superleggera bodywork by Touring, equipped with the raging 3.5L V12 of 280 HP engineered originally by the famous Bizzarrini, very easy and pleasant to drive, this car in particular is one of the first 30th produced of the 120th produced, sold brand new in Geneva, only had a few owners, fully restored in the 80’s and in exceptionnal condition, an important and rare car in the Lamborghini history and the automotive history in general.

Ferrari 365 GT 2+2 - 88'800 km
06 - 1971 - Metallic Blue / Black Leather

Swiss Delivery, Veteran Vehicle

Splendid 365 GT 2+2 in perfect condition, equipped with the powerful 4.4L V12 of 320 HP, sold brand new in Geneva, only two owners from new, expertised as Veteran Vehicle, complete vehicle, Original Pouch, Warranty Booklet, Original Manual, Spare Wheel, Tools Kit. Perfect to enter the Ferrari Oldtimer world with the melodious V12.

Aston Martin DB9 72'000 km
09 - 200 Noir Métal / Cuir Noir

Elegant DB9 delivered brand new in Switzerland, perfect condition, fully maintained, powerful 6.0L V12 of 457 HP, well equipped, Automatic Gearbox, Carbon Inserts, Cruise Control, Sound System, Navigation System, Electric Seats, Heated Seats, Multifunction Steering, Parking Assitance, Red Calipers.

Ferrari 246 GTS Dino
99'900 km - 03 - 1973 - Red / Black Leather

Full History, Matching, Classiche, Complete Pouch

Splendid Dino GTS, only two owners, delivered new to Belgium by Francorchamps, equipped with the charming 2.4L Dino V6 of 195 HP, restored in the 90’s and keeping it as original as possible, regularly maintained, file of invoices, Classiche certification done, perfect for rallying in historic events, complete car with toolkit, original cric, spare Wheel, leather pouch with owner’s manual and warranty book.

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